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WeWork: Guides and Resources - Upsuite

Looking for more information about WeWork? Here are some of our posts related to the company so that you can better understand how WeWork works.

WeWork: Guides and Resources

WeWork is almost synonymous with the popularity and growth of flexible office spaces across North America. Founded in 2010 in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, WeWork maintains spaces in hundreds of buildings all over the world. 

Looking for more information about WeWork? Here are some of our posts related to the company so that you can better understand how WeWork works — and the impact it has had on the coworking and flexible office space industry.

[2021] The Largest Coworking Companies: WeWork & Top Competitors

Find out how WeWork has led the growth of coworking and flexible office spaces and which companies are part of the next generation of industry leaders.

What WeWork Can Teach Coworking and Flex Office Operators About Acquiring Customers

Find out what WeWork’s early achievements — and subsequent growing pains — can teach coworking and office space operators about their own businesses.

What WeWork Has Done Right

Learn about WeWork’s game-changing strategies for the growth and development of the coworking and flexible office industry.

Coworking Space in Chicago is Exploding, Led by WeWork
Find out why this Midwestern metropolis became a hub for growth in the flexible office industry, led by WeWork’s portfolio of commercial real estate properties.

Growth in the Coworking Movement is Much More Massive: Why WeWork is Only Part of the Story

The coworking movement has created a sea change in the way we do business. Find out how WeWork and other commercial property pioneers have created this shift.

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