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Get to Know The Largest Coworking Space Landlords - Upsuite

Interested to know more about the largest coworking space landlords? Explore your options with Upsuite and learn more about the largest landlords in the market.

Who Are The Largest Coworking Space Landlords?

You may think of coworking and flexible space providers as standalone, individual commercial real estate locations. However, many of the largest landlords may own dozens of locations all over North America. The largest landlords in the coworking and flexible office space landscape include the following:

  • Regus
  • WeWork 
  • Spaces 
  • Premier Workspaces
  • Office Evolution
  • Intelligent Office
  • Industrious Office

Larger landlords with multiple office locations can offer a variety of advantages over smaller operators. You may find that a larger owner offers reciprocity across many or all of their locations. This is valuable if you and your team find yourself frequently traveling among cities where your space operator has a presence.

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In addition, if you frequently travel for client presentations, a larger space operator may offer you event or conference space that you can use to host clients or colleagues on your own “home turf.” This can offer a distinct advantage in negotiations, credibility, and authority-building.

Even within your own market, you may find that the largest landlords provide you with a greater number of options, including enhanced amenities, a variety of space configurations, and in-house service providers. This can make all the difference if you are looking for event space, catering, and other services, allowing you to work within a known network rather than starting from scratch when you’re planning a training, client appreciation, or another event.

Ready to learn more? Contact us to explore the possibilities offered by the largest landlords in your market. You’ll find ways to connect the dots and determine how a network of coworking and office locations can better serve your needs.

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