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Flex Office Pro Market Data, Coworking Trends and Insights Platform

Understand Key Coworking Trends To Win the Flexible Office Market

Flex Office Pro, powered by the Upsuite Marketplace, is a market data and insights platform that gives owners, investors, brokers the analytics, insights, trends, forecasts, and custom data they need to win in the Coworking and Flexible Office market.

Are you still making guesses based on a collection of generalized office market trends, one-off opinions, costly secret shopping, or incomplete internet research?

The Flex Office Pro Market Data and Insights platform provides the most comprehensive demand, pricing, and competitive trends for 2,500+ prestigious flexible office locations in the top markets in North America, and is constantly updated with industry-leading insights trusted by the top owners, brokers, and operators.

Flex Office Pro Offers:

  • Insights About the North American Coworking and Flexible Office Market
  • Inventory and Occupancy Data
  • Asking Prices by Suite and Membership Type
  • Supply, Demand, and Pricing Trends
  • New and Closed Locations
  • Detailed Forecasts
  • Customized Data and Comparisons

Flex Office Pro Delivers The Right Data and Coworking Trends

Inventory and Occupancy

Considering opening or investing in a coworking or Flexible Office?  Know before you invest if the inventory is growing, if occupancy is shrinking, and other dynamics before you do.  Upsuite manages the largest database of flexible office and coworking locations in North America to help you make better recommendations, and better decisions.

Coworking and Flex Office Inventory and Vacancy

Asking Prices by Suite and Membership Type

Building a proforma for a coworking or flexible office?  Want to know how pricing differs by market, submarket, and suite type?  Finding markets with healthy pricing trends can be the difference between making money and going out of business.   Upsuite tracks prices on 30,000 rentable units from desks to private offices to large suites across North America.

Supply, Demand, and Pricing Trends

Looking for inflection points that indicate whether a market has recovered or peaked?  Upsuite sees trends as they happen, and our time series data allows us to see into the future.  We track supply, demand, and pricing trends across North America and can help you be the first to spot the trends that you need to make the right investments.

Supply, Demand and Pricing Summary

New and Closed Locations

Pre-pandemic, the coworking and flexible office sector was the fastest-growing, most dynamic sector in commercial real estate.  During COVID-19, hundreds and hundreds of locations closed across North America.  Which locations closed, by which operators, and why?  And which operators are planning new locations in the coming quarters?  Upsuite tracks the most comprehensive database of new and closed facilities so that you can take advantage of major opportunities in the sector.

Insights and Forecasts

Volatility in the coworking and flexible office markets is the nature of this evolving industry.  Upsuite constantly releases new insights, new trends, and forecasts about this exciting and dynamic sector.  Our insights drive major recommendations for owners, investors, and brokers all over North America.

Customized Data and Comparisons

Have specific questions that are unique to your business or investment thesis?  Work with Upsuite on customized data programs to get answers to your most important questions.

Flex Office Pro Users Include:

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