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Upsuite FAQ for Operator Partners

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Coworking operator partners are all focused on attracting professional teams in their local market to become members of their office space. At Upsuite, we help you by connecting prospective members to your spaces through our curated, coworking listing platform.

Upsuite finds clients three ways:

  1. By marketing our website in select markets to targeted companies
  2. Through relationships developed through our Coworking Advisors
  3. Through relationships we’ve built with Commercial Real Estate brokers

We currently offer two pricing options. Both contain our premium listing information which includes work environment data, availability information, and a concierge review written by an Upsuite staff member who has viewed your space.

  • Option 1: Commission pricing based on your space’s capacity up to 12 months of signed membership agreements (20% for 0-33% full, 15% for 33%-66% full, and 10% past 66% full)
  • Option 2: 10% commission up to 12 months +$90/month listing fee

We pull occupancy from your listings in once per month.

Our fees are calculated on the term of the initial agreement. From there, it’s your responsibility to work with that client. Upsuite has no responsibility for the client finishing their term. Although, we may make exceptions with written approval.

We invoice our commission based on the kind of coworking membership agreement a member signs with your space.

Here are some example billing scenarios:

  • If a member signs a month to month agreement, we will bill you monthly, up to 12 months. Once that member reaches 13 months, our invoicing stops.
  • If a member signs a long term agreement, we bill the commission amount upfront. For instance, if a member signs with you for 7 months, we charge the commission percentage of the total membership agreement and then move to month to month billing if they stay longer than 7 months. However, always end our billing once the member reaches 12 months.

Yes!  You can update the price and availability of your available suites at any time. Contact Jillian Roeding at or use your login if you have one.

Yes. You can turn down any client Upsuite sends to you. Simply notify Upsuite that you are doing so within 24 hours of the introduction.

Upsuite is an online marketplace for coworking spaces. We do not list sublets or extra office space at this time.

Upsuite Operator Ebook

Upsuite eBook: Seven ways to attract new members to your coworking space

Download our eBook, specifically tailored for operator partners and learn about seven trends that we’re seeing operators encounter when it comes to trying to attract and sign on new coworking members.

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