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Make More Money in Less Time From Coworking.

Upsuite partners with brokers to service clients looking for coworking.

  • Get listings data:  Access up to date listings data in minutes to serve your clients faster.
  • Work with a real partner:  Upsuite Client Coworking Advisors can help you close small or complex coworking deals.  Receive a check, and get that client back when they need a traditional lease.

Become a registered Upsuite Broker partner today.  

Upsuite CRE Partners

I’ve closed two deals with Upsuite with a total of a half-hour of effort. I consider Upsuite my coworking specialist team.

Chris F, Colliers Toronto

Learn more about Upsuite's Broker Program

Check out our FAQ for CRE Brokers page that answers a lot of frequently asked questions.