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Upsuite Marketplace For Coworking and Flex Office Operators

Receive, Qualify, and Win More New Members with The Upsuite Marketplace

Tired of working low-quality leads? Are you or your sales team spending too much time gathering the information yourself, only to reach out with no responses?

Once you have a lead’s attention, are you or your team prepared with enough information to give them a tour that matches the needs of their business, negotiate with confidence, and stay connected through to close?

The Upsuite Marketplace is a sales and marketing platform for the coworking and flex office industry. The Upsuite Marketplace provides sales professionals at coworking operators the ability to pick from qualified companies who are the best fit for your space and provides enough qualified information about each lead to go after the right ones. The Upsuite Marketplace also enables you to compare your pricing to the market and gives you real-time status updates as your leads advance to close.

The Upsuite Marketplace offers the following features:

  • Free Feature: More Qualified Data About Each Lead
  • Free Feature: Status Updates About Each Lead
  • Free Feature: Update Spaces to Present to Prospects
  • Premium Feature: Negotiate and Price for Each Lead with Confidence
  • Premium Feature: Compare Square Footage Across Suite Types
  • Premium Feature: Integrate With Other Systems

The Upsuite Marketplace Delivers The Right Data In Real-Time So You Can Run Your Coworking Business

Free Feature:  More Qualified Data About Each Lead

What kind of data do you get from your web forms or from brokers?  Usually, if you get a name, it’s after hours of extra digging and research.  Flex Office Pro gives you an email, company name, move-in date, and more.  The Upsuite Marketplace goes even further, giving you status, industry, and how many locations the member is considering.

Upsuite marketplace leads screen
More information about each coworking lead

Free Feature:  Status Updates About Each Lead

When working with outside lead generation partners and brokers, how do you get updates when you need them?  Constant phone and email follow-up, eating up valuable sales time?   The Upsuite Marketplace gives you real-time updates for every lead you get from Upsuite, available 24 x 7 x 365.

Free Feature:  Update Spaces to Present to Prospects

When managing leads, how do you compare lead requirements against current availability?  For most coworking operators, this requires two or even three systems.  The Upsuite Marketplace allows you to compare lead requirements for move-in date and seats against all available inventory, in one system.

Upsuite manage available space
Manage inventory to respond to leads

Premium Feature:  Negotiate and Price for Each Lead with Confidence

How do you know that your pricing for each location stacks up against like spaces in your market for each seat and suite size?  You could secret shop every competitor, every month.  And if you did, you might not get information fast enough to price individual suites for proposals that can go out any given day.  The Upsuite Marketplace gives you the average price of your three closest comparison locations for each seat/suite size.

Compare Pricing with Competition
Replace your secret shopping program with Upsuite data

Premium Feature:  Compare Square Footage Across Suite Types

How do you know which offices to price as a single private office, 4 person, 6 person?  Use the Upsuite marketplace to check square footage for key suite sizes against your competition and the market.

Integrate With Other Systems

Do you use multiple systems to manage your listings and leads? How much time does that take? What else could you be using your time for? The Upsuite Marketplace can deliver your updated pricing and availability to other marketplaces, your coworking software, your CRM, and more through our API.

Demo the Upsuite Marketplace

The Upsuite marketplace dashboard
Gives you easy access to leads, update spaces, and access premium market data.