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What Is Private Office Space Cost? | Upsuite

Wondering about the private office space cost in your city? Learn how and why the prices differ before shifting to a private office space.

How to Save In Private Office Space Costs?

In the US, private office space through a commercial real estate lease can range from $8 to $23 per square foot. However, private office space through a flexible office space provider can be considerably less, while offering many of the amenities and perks of traditional commercial office leases.

In a traditional office lease, the tenant may incur significant private office space costs both upfront and month-to-month, depending on the type of lease negotiated. These can relate to the build-out, branding, and furnishing of the space as well as ongoing maintenance and regular updates. 

By contrast, a flexible office environment may offer you plenty of options for customizing your space without the financial outlay of a traditional lease, and furnishings, maintenance, and upgrades are often provided as part of the membership-based pricing.

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In addition, in a commercial lease, you will be responsible for all of the staffing and services you and your team require. In a shared office environment, you may have access to significant in-house resources including mail and package rooms, front-desk reception, and tech support as well as other specialized services like catering and event planning.

Want to learn more? Find out how coworking space costs compare to private office space costs under a commercial lease, then contact us to find out about office spaces that are perfectly suited to your budget and requirements.

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