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Find Workspace for Midsized Companies

Upsuite offers an on-demand network of 50,000+ workspaces that are designed for employee engagement and perfect for midsized companies.

Find Workspace for Midsized Companies

Upsuite’s network of spaces helps find workspace for small businesses, teams, and individuals, maximize in-person collaboration and culture, minimize commute times, save money compared to fixed offices, all while minimizing the complexity of managing real estate.

Upsuite offers the most options in North America, matches space to your company, team, or individual needs, and saves 90% of the time spent sourcing, contracting and managing your real estate.

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Is your midsized company growing and adding new teams quickly?  Are you adding workspace in new markets? Are you shedding unused office space?  Upsuite offers modern, well-appointed workspace specifically chosen for the needs of companies opening new markets or adding new regional teams outside their headquarters.

Working with a Commercial Broker?

Upsuite partners with the world’s largest commercial brokerages in every market.  If you would prefer to work through your broker, have them register with Upsuite here, and we will work with them to get you the best options.

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Why Use Upsuite?

  • Largest Selection of Coworking and Private Workspace
  • No Cost Advisor
  • Save 90% of Time
  • Save 15 to 50% on Rent

Our Guarantee:  “We guarantee you will find a private workspace that fits your business quickly and easily, at no cost to you.”

Thanks so much! Straightforward and a pleasure to work with.

Thanks for all your help – Upsuite provided very excellent service.

Upsuite was quite easy to use as Upsuite dominated the generic Google search for shared office space in Boulder. A quick single recommendation of 3 spaces was all we really needed.

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