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List your coworking space with Upsuite

You have a unique coworking space that’s perfect for teams. You offer ideal amenities in a great location. The feedback you get is glowing, so why do you struggle with attracting teams and leasing enough office space?

You face occupancy challenges with your coworking space.

Coworking operators consistently report that finding and qualifying new teams is the largest challenge they face. Statistics indicate that the average vacancy in coworking space is 40%, which makes it hard to consistently monetize your space. Upsuite changes that by delivering a steady stream of qualified teams to operator partners.

You get the right teams faster with Upsuite

We provide our teams with more relevant information about coworking space than any other booking website, and we share it all in one place so teams convert at a higher rate.

We give teams all the information they need to find the coworking office that’s perfect for their needs. With each listing, we provide beautiful photography, maps, price information, a list of amenities, up to date inventory count, and detailed descriptions about how people feel working in the space.

Upsuite Coworking Space Listing

You get only perfect fit teams with Upsuite

We understand the needs of each team and work to match them with a space that fits their work style and culture. Our Coworking Advisors screen every tour request before it comes to you, ensuring we match your space with the right teams. We also give you pre-tour details so you’re sure to provide teams with the coworking space and services they want.. This perfect fit process helps you retain more of your teams for longer terms and eliminates occupancy concerns.

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Seven ways to attract new members to your coworking space

Fast, Efficient Service!

We have been working with Upsuite for almost a year now. They are super easy to work with and knowledgeable about the coworking industry. They have done a great job with getting to know Modworks and sending prospective clients they feel would be a good fit. We recommend working with Upsuite!