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We might be a little late to the party with our 2018 Year-in-review, but that’s because so many incredible things happened last year. From Upsuite’s incorporation to the official launch of our platform and a host of juicy trends we’ve clued into throughout the year, we’ve gathered so much intel about coworking that it took some time to compile them all and share them with you.

The trends we noticed in 2018 were so interesting and massive that we had to split this article in several parts. This first part briefly goes over Upsuite’s milestones in 2018 and upcoming plans for 2019. Future posts will then explore the juicy insights we’ve gathered over the last year regarding the flexible workspace and coworking industry.

2018 Upsuite Milestones

As promised at the outset, we’d like to share some of our personal, albeit less philosophical, milestones from last year. From our official incorporation and launching our platform, to moving our entire team more than 1,500 miles away to another country, it was a tiring but incredibly exciting 2018.

Upsuite Coworking Marketplace 2018 Timeline
Milestones we reached in 2018

Here are our highlights:


  • Upsuite officially incorporated January 28, 2018


  • Launched the Upsuite platform in Denver, CO
  • Facilitated our first deal with our first customer in the Denver market
  • Scaled the Upsuite platform to 20+ coworking in Denver and Boulder



  • Moved our entire team to Toronto, Canada



  • Presented Upsuite at Techstars demo day
  • Facilitated our biggest deal of the year; 45 seats with Serendipity Labs in Denver
  • Happily welcomed several incredibly influential and brilliant advisors
    • David Mandell from Pivot Desk
    • Dylan Taylor, CEO of Colliers
    • Harlon Milkove, Co-founder of Commercial Real Estate data company Reonomy
    • Ben Liao, Managing Director, Techstars
    • George Horhota, The Brockton

What’s Upsuite up to in 2019?

2018 was a fantastic year for us, but it keeps getting better. Now that we’re into 2019, we can share some of our latest updates and visions of the future as well.

Here are our 2019 highlights and predictions:

  1. We’ve been named a top 100 company to work for in Colorado
  2. We announced a North American partnership with Colliers, and announce our CRE broker products.
  3. In Q1, we will close a seed round of $850,000 USD.
  4. In Q1, we will launch a coworking operator self service back end portal
  5. In Q1, we opened a Canadian subsidiary
  6. In Q2-Q4, we will add eight additional North American Markets, starting in Chicago, as well as the east and west coasts of the US.
  7. In Q3, we will open up an Eastern Time Zone headquarters in Toronto

With that exciting news about Upsuite out of the way, our upcoming blog posts will cover some of  the top trends we’re noticing in coworking and how corporates are behaving in this new flexible workspace market.

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