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Seattle has come a long way from its sleepy, logging town roots. In fact, Forbes has rated Seattle as the best city for business now two years running. This fact, along with the city’s vibrant personality and unique culture, explain why it has such a diverse, thriving market for coworking space.

Now an industrial powerhouse in everything from technology and e-commerce to healthcare and aerospace, Seattle’s robust economy drives an ever-increasing need for flexible office space. To help you navigate the many different choices available, we’re going to examine Seattle’s ten best coworking spaces and what stands out about each so you can see which is the best fit for your specific needs and goals. With a variety of atmospheres, amenities, and locations to choose from, there’s undoubtedly a perfect Seattle coworking space for you.

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Best for Creatives: The Cloud Room

Most creatives need an environment that sparks the imagination and inspires non-linear thought. In the Seattle coworking market, The Cloud Room fits that bill to a tee. Located in the appealing Capitol Hill district, The Cloud Room is a 5,000 sq ft space specifically tailored to the unique demands of graphic designers, artists, and other creatives.

Besides the typical amenities like hi-speed Wi-Fi, printing & copying facilities, mail services, and a communal kitchen, membership also includes access to an onsite bar, recording studio, wellness workshops, and more. As part of Global Collective, Cloud Room members also get free access to select other coworking spaces across the world. With a convenient location just a ten-minute walk from downtown, The Cloud Room is easily accessible from Seattle’s light rail, streetcar, and extensive bus services.


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Best for Solo Entrepreneurs: The Pioneer Collective

We probably don’t have to mention how much of an imprint entrepreneurship has left on Seattle’s culture and economy. With names like Bezos and Gates in its rich entrepreneurial history, Seattle remains a hotbed for innovative thought. In The Pioneer Collective, Seattle entrepreneurs have flexible coworking options that fit artists and sole proprietors alike in a beautiful building at the center of the city’s historic Pioneer Square.

That’s not to say, however, that The Pioneer Collective is exclusive to entrepreneurs. With private offices, meeting rooms, and event space along with flexible solo memberships, The Pioneer Collective is an excellent choice for small teams as well. Amenities include fast Wi-Fi, local coffee, color printing, and even private showers, all in a convenient West Seattle location close to light rail, Metro, and Sounder train stations. The local neighborhood, filled with boutique shops, restaurants, and bars, only adds to The Pioneer Collective’s unique and eclectic spirit. And for those living south of the airport, The Pioneer Collective has another location in Tacoma as well.

Best for Tech Teams: Galvanize

Technology is one of the pillars of the Seattle economy, with tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others continuing to drive innovation and growth throughout the area. For the city’s several small to midsize tech teams and enterprises, Galvanize offers flexible office space solutions and more, including startup incubator coaching and services, technology training courses, and even a coding bootcamp.

A five-story campus located in Pioneer Square, Galvanize provides access to state-of-the-art coworking space in a collaborative, forward-thinking atmosphere. Members enjoy perks like a community kitchen, phone booths, complimentary coffee, free printing, and plenty of conference rooms for team meetings. With open seating, reserved desks, and private suites, Galvanize is an appealing coworking solution for founders, small teams, and enterprises with up to 30 employees. Just west of I-5 and Seattle’s International District, this coworking space combines amazing views of Elliot Bay with a tight-knit community, tech-driven community.

Best for Productivity: Regus Columbia Center

If you’re looking for coworking space that will help you and your team maximize productivity, then Regus Columbia Center is an ideal choice. Located at one of Seattle’s most prestigious business addresses in the center of the financial district, this Regus site is quiet and professional – but not stuffy – to give your people an ideal place to get things done.

Aside from an environment perfect for productivity, the location also features a fitness facility, onsite coffee bar, an outdoor seating area, virtual office services, and videoconferencing in the meeting rooms. Since it’s on the 42nd floor of a 76-story building, tenants have incredible views of the entire Seattle Metropolitan area, not to mention an extremely helpful and professional staff to help your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Best for Professionals: Regus 2 & U

One of the endearing qualities of shared office space is its wide range of cultures. While a relaxed atmosphere with ping-pong tables and bean bag chairs might be a perfect fit for some, others need a more professional environment. That’s the area where Regus 2 & U fits so nicely within the Seattle flex office space market – endlessly professional without being dreary and dull.

Located in a new, modern building overlooking Puget Sound, Regus 2 & U offers all of the amenities that a professional team needs for success – fast Wi-Fi, high tech conference rooms, front desk reception, several meeting rooms, mail services, and more. Offering hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices for up to 20 people, this facility is ideal for small to midsize teams that need a bit more privacy and a quieter environment than conventional coworking spaces might afford. That’s not to say that Regus 2 & U is somehow stodgy or lifeless, however, as it still has a pulse and spirit conducive for networking and innovation.

Best High-Energy: WeWork Westlake Tower

Downtown Seattle is vibrant and alive, two qualities that lend themselves remarkably well to companies wanting to tap into the area’s attitude and culture. That’s what makes WeWork Westlake Tower the preferred coworking space for everyone from freelancers to larger enterprises that want to infuse their operations with downtown’s excitement.


Of course, you’ll have access to standard amenities, but WeWork Westlake Tower also boasts unique features like fitness and wellness rooms as well as a recording studio for digital media editing and reviewing. The space also features onsite parking at a monthly cost, convenient commuting options to the office with light rail and bus stations nearby, free coffee and tea, and event hosting for customer events or other larger gatherings.

Best for Startups: Industrious Bellevue

Startups feed off of innovation and collaboration. The working environment has a lot to do with any startup’s ultimate success since, as many know all too well, establishing market share requires much more than just a single good idea. Coworking space at Industrious’ Bellevue location gives startups the energetic, bright, and bustling atmosphere they need to maintain an innovative and creative mindset.

Located across two floors in the City Center Bellevue building, the space is ideal for collaboration with open space, natural light, and a community of like-minded innovators absorbing inspiration. Since Industrious Bellevue is next to the Bellevue Transit Center, this location at the center of Seattle’s thriving business district is easy to get to, whether by car, light rail, or bus. The space offers both floating desks and private office suites built to accommodate up to 19 people, making the location popular for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.

Whatever membership level you choose, you’ll have access to onsite dining options, color printing services, phone booths, conference rooms, daily breakfast and snacks, as well as all the free craft coffee you can drink. And like all Industrious sites, you’ll work in a higher-end atmosphere compared to more typical, conventional space, making it an impressive environment that attracts talent and conveys the right message to customers or clients.

Best Hospitality: Industrious Downtown

Just like its sibling in Bellevue, the Industrious site in downtown Seattle gives small teams and enterprises a vibrant working environment in a much sought after location. However, the downtown location elevates Industrious’ penchant for hospitality even higher with service and amenities that distinguish it from the rest of Seattle’s flourishing flexible office space market.

Many organizations describe Industrious Downtown’s service as a combination of a four-star hotel with the comforts of home. The space provides members with a complimentary breakfast prepared by onsite chefs, free coffee and snacks throughout the day, event space, phone booths, color printing, and more.

What truly separates this downtown location from even other Industrious sites is its incredibly helpful staff, though. They routinely go out of there way to ensure your team has everything it needs to prosper and grow. In a competitive and crowded marketplace, that level of hospitality and service goes a long way in helping your business come out on top.

Best for Collaboration: WeWork Sunset North

The best ideas often stem from collaboration with others, where a group of innovative people is greater than the sum of its parts. While many – if not most – coworking spaces are collaborative by nature, especially in comparison to traditional office space, WeWork Sunset North shines in this particular department.

Natural sunlight saturates its lounge areas, open seating, and private offices. Further, with comfortable furnishings, a relaxed but inspiring environment, and a palpable energy throughout its two-floor footprint, WeWork Sunset North has a distinct sense of community that makes it ideal for teamwork and brainstorming with others. You’ll also enjoy WeWork’s typically first-rate amenities, including semi-private phone booths, printing services, conference rooms, and complimentary coffee and tea. Less than a half-mile from I-90 and a block from bus services, Sunset North also eases your team’s daily commute.

Best for Finance, Legal & Banking: Ballard Labs

The last of our Seattle coworking spaces highlights the many benefits that flexible office space can provide to specialized or niche industries and businesses. Ballard Labs uses a selective membership process, professional but comfortable decor and furnishing, and meticulous design to cater to organizations in the finance, legal, and banking industries. It’s a quiet, sleek work environment that is equally good at driving productivity as it is at impressing clients.

With three membership levels – shared space, designated desks, and private offices – Ballard Labs is a good fit for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small to midsize enterprises that need more privacy and a generally calm atmosphere. All members enjoy free garage parking, access to a full kitchen with complimentary coffee, large conference rooms, printing services, and onsite security. Teams and enterprises using private offices also get unlimited guest access for client meetings, designated ethernet, and reception services.


Seattle is a remarkable city with a dynamic culture and a thriving economy. It provides organizations with easy access to talent, and drives entrepreneurship with an innovative spirit. Our advice is to take a look at your specific needs, narrow down our list of ten Seattle coworking spaces to those that would fit you best, and schedule a tour of the sites. And if you need help choosing the ideal coworking space for your goals and budget, Upsuite’s team of coworking advisors is always ready to lead the way.

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