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Google Ads can provide between one third and two thirds of the traffic for many coworking spaces, especially when opening new locations. They key to putting Google’s paid advertising platforms to work for your coworking marketing strategy? A solid understanding of the way people search for coworking space for their business. To help you, we’re providing the top 25 highest performing Google keywords to get you started.

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How Can You Put Google Ads to Work for Your Coworking Space Marketing Plan?

You may know Google Ads by its former name, Google Adwords. This online advertising platform allows you to enhance the placement of your ad message to help you reach potential clients for your coworking business.

Whether your business model is focused on freelancers and solopreneurs or you are looking for a foundation of ongoing corporate clients for your flexible office space, Google Ads can help you communicate your unique value proposition (UVP) to your ideal target market.

Besides enhanced placement for your marketing message, Google Ads can provide a variety of other benefits, including the following:


Remarketing through Google Ads allows you to place your message in front of potential leads who have previously visited your website or mobile app. Dynamic remarketing can help you focus on the specific services they viewed, offering higher conversions through more specific messaging.

Placement Targeting

If you have a solid sense of where your target market spends time online, managed placements can allow you to direct your ads to the places where you know your new leads will be. As you begin to get results from your ads, you can use managed placement to send your ads to the places that get the highest-quality traffic.

Google Analytics

Put the power of Google to work for you when you use Google Analytics to study and refine your coworking space marketing strategy. You’ll get more bang for your buck when you optimize the power of your ad spend through the data you’ll get from Google.

Additional Ways to Make Your Google Ads More Effective

According to a study conducted by software company WordStream:

  • Almost half of high-performing Google Ads include an exclamation point! Only 2% included a question mark. Make sure you are offering answers to potential leads — and show your excitement.
  • The top two words that appeared in high-performing Google Ads were “Your” and “Free.” Emphasize the value of your space and speak directly to the potential lead in your Google Ad to get their attention.
  • Include a geographic location with your keyword to make it more effective — the more specific, the better.
  • Be sure to include a Call to Action on each ad so that potential leads know what to do. Three of the most effective CTAs for coworking spaces include the terms “Get,” “Try,” and “Learn.” Thus you may want to encourage leads to “Get More Information,” “Try Us for Free,” or “Learn More About Coworking.”

Where Else Can You Use Google’s Coworking-Focused Keywords?

One of the most important things you can do as you begin or enhance digital marketing for your coworking space is through content creation and distribution. Your digital footprint includes a variety of elements, all of which contribute to effective search engine optimization (SEO) and which, over time, can contribute to consistent traffic to your website, social media platforms, and to your coworking space.

Here are some of the places where keywords make all of the difference.


The right URL can have a big impact on your website’s SEO, helping to boost your rank and reassuring online searchers that they have found the right website before they click. If you don’t currently get the traffic you’d like to your website, a new URL may be just what the doctor ordered.

Website Copy

Many businesses use generic website copy created by a web developer, not realizing that filler copy included in multiple sites can hurt their chances of ever getting the kind of search engine rank they’re looking for. Every word on your site should be organic and you should make use of our list of keywords in order to optimize that copy for better SEO.

Don’t forget to include your keywords in headers and subheads on your website as well as in meta-descriptions, photo captions, and other elements. All of the copy on your website — both on the front end and the back — contributes to effective optimization.

Landing Pages

If you use landing pages in order to bring in new leads and grow your email list, effective keyword use can help you optimize these vital tools for building your sales funnel.


If you create ongoing content with a blog at your website, you’ll want to ensure that at least some of your optimal keywords are included in each blog post. Use at least one in the title, one in the first paragraph, one in the call to action (CTA), and one or two in the headers throughout the post.

Social Media

You may not realize how much keywords matter for your social media, but, just as potential members people look for your coworking space online, they also check you out through searches on your social media platforms. Use your keywords in photo captions, hashtags, and in your About or Bio sections.



Google’s Top 25 Highest Performing Keywords for Coworking Spaces and Flexible Office Operators

In this post, Upsuite shares the top performing keywords we have found to drive profitable traffic to coworking in North America. For simplicity’s sake, all of these keywords are from Google Adwords.  Click on the blue bar to download your copy of the keyword report.


Top 25 Highest Performing Keywords for Coworking Spaces


See how Upsuite can help your coworking and flexible office business attract new members and reliably keep your spaces filled. Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming guide Marketing Essentials For Coworking And Flexible Workspaces, rolling out soon.

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