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A great company culture and opportunities for growth are often at the top of the list when it comes to the best place to work. What characteristics define favorite office spaces? Cool amenities, collaboration spaces, and location routinely top the list.

It’s simple: employees who are treated better perform better. More and more, companies are beginning to realize that offering non-monetary benefits like flexible work schedules, telecommuting, and on-site amenities can do wonders for morale and productivity.

Favorite Office Spaces’ Perks and Amenities

We’ve all heard about the perks at some of America’s corporate giants. Google, Hubspot, and Amazon routinely rank amongst favorite places to work, thanks to trendy, modern offices that include fitness centers, lounge areas, coffee and beer gardens, and even dog parks. Top-notch amenities may set these corporate giants apart in a way that makes small to medium-sized businesses and remote companies feel like they can’t compete when it comes to amenities.

Fortunately, even smaller companies and start-ups do have an edge. Today’s coworking spaces offer some of the best amenities around, including cafeterias and lounges, private offices, collaboration rooms and meeting spaces, positioned in great locations throughout cities like Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver.

Here for the Snacks

Company perks are a major recruiting and retention tool for many companies – and that includes snacks. Studies show that employee satisfaction increases when snacks are available, especially among start-ups and tech companies with a younger workforce.

Easy access to snacks encourages a more collaborative atmosphere, and a sense of fun and appreciation amongst employees. Stacie W says, “I worked for a company that had a ton of snacks in the break room, and they always had special snacks for each day of the week. It was the best environment, and one of the few jobs I really felt appreciated by my employer.”

Coworking spaces that offer on-site snacks, cafeterias, coffee and juice bars – and the companies that go the extra mile to provide them – head to the top of the favorite office spaces list for many employees.

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A flexible work schedule that includes telecommuting is one of the most under-utilized perks in the modern workplace. Being able to adapt hours and work location can go a long way in keeping employees happy. If your company doesn’t require the team’s physical presence on a daily basis, consider offering them the flexibility to work in a coworking space.

Michael Hollauf, CEO and Co-Founder of Meister Task, has discovered that encouraging employees to work wherever they work best enables his team to be highly productive, whether they are in the same coworking space or in different locations. Maintaining regular communication throughout the day is key, and that’s easy in today’s modern, high-tech coworking spaces.


Location, Location, Location

Nobody wants to be stuck in a run-down office space in the middle of nowhere. Coworking spaces allow companies to have office space in prime areas that they might not be able to afford otherwise. Upsuite’s marketplace of flexible office spaces showcase locations that are conveniently located for employees of small and large companies, with flexible terms that meet your business needs and your budget.

Cities like Los Angeles that boast a high percentage of employees in the arts and entertainment industries are seeing a boom in coworking spaces. Thanks to great local amenities, engaging collaboration spaces, and cost efficiency, creative professionals are seeking out coworking spaces across LA county.

Chicago professionals also rely on coworking spaces to meet the needs of different cultures, clients, and locations within the city. Upsuite has carefully curated Chicago coworking spaces that meet different needs like networking, hosting events, impressing clients, attracting tech talent, or finding creative inspiration.

Find Your Favorite Office Spaces

In today’s competitive job market, candidates are seeking more than just salary and standard benefits. Provide them with the perks that place emphasis on work-life balance, and you may just be one of the favorite offices of their career.

At Upsuite, we are dedicated to providing both employers and brokers with detailed descriptions, pricing and availability to the best coworking offices in the market today. Upsuite partners with commercial real estate brokers to service clients on coworking deals of all sizes and complexities. Our Client Coworking Advisors can help find your clients the perfect fit coworking office space with the location and amenities you need.


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