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When you compare coworking spaces, you can find yourself doing time consuming internet searches, relying on recommendations from your network, and negotiating rates on your own. Fortunately, Upsuite removes surprises and saves you time in your search by providing 99% of the market inventory, actual suite availability and pricing, all before you tour.

Leaders at growing technology and services companies who need to find and secure office space turn to Upsuite for spaces that are convenient for employees and clients, meet their budget, allow for growth or changes in their team, and that require little time and expense to secure. That’s Upsuite’s sweet spot!


One of the more popular features on Upsuite is our “Shortlist,” which allows you to mark off your favorite coworking locations while you are searching and then compare them. This gives you a side-by-side way of viewing costs, where they are on the map in relation to each other and transit lines, amenities on-site, and availability across different coworking listings, even if they are in the same building. You can also share your Shortlist by email, download it, or send to an Upsuite Coworking Advisor to have them arrange the tours for you.

The best part is that you can do all of this in minutes! Upsuite users love how easy the process is, with one user telling us how, “Upsuite helped cut through the legwork and the challenge of figuring out where and how to get office space.”

It’s that simple! Just in case you get stuck, here’s a video guide to creating the shortlist of your coworking search (and instructions below too):

How to use the Upsuite Compare Coworking Space Tool

  1. Start on Upsuite by first selecting the market you want to search. You can select your market from the homepage or via the Find Space button at the top and then selecting the market you’re interested in from the menu that appears. Coming soon, you will also be able to search by address, zip code, neighborhood, or other popular geographies.
  2. Upsuite will present a current inventory of coworking spaces that are available in the market along with a helpful map showing where each location is.
  3. You can click the Details button on any listing for more info and to see more photos and reviews of the space.
  4. If you like a property, simply click the +Shortlist box and it will be saved for comparison later.
  5. Once you’ve selected your Shortlist locations, click the View Shortlist button.


You can now view all the prices, spaces and amenities on your list.

And that’s it! Once you’re ready to scope out a potential coworking space in person, you can speak with one of Upsuite’s Coworking Advisors who will set up tours, confirm availability and pricing and answer any other questions you might have. Happy space hunting!Try it out! Upsuite provides 100s of available coworking spaces in Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and Denver. Pick the spaces that are the best fit for you and add them to your shortlist and then send them to one of our Coworking Advisors to set up tours.


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