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How Upsuite works with teams

Find the perfect fit coworking office space

You need to find the right coworking office space for your high-performing team. The challenge is, you have hundreds of options to choose from.

There are office spaces best suited for high-levels of productivity, spaces that encourage collaboration, and coworking spaces that are perfect for meetings and events. Sorting through the many options can be confusing and time-consuming. That’s where Upsuite comes in.

Upsuite Coworking Search Workflow

We help you find, tour, and select the perfect coworking office space. You get access to the largest selection of coworking options in your market, all at the best price. You also receive help negotiating your membership and enjoy unique benefits you won’t get when you book directly with a coworking office location.

Benefits of finding your coworking space with Upsuite

When you book with Upsuite, you enjoy unique benefits:

  • Largest selection of office space inventory
  • A dedicated Coworking Advisor, just for you, at no cost
  • Register & book through Upsuite and you receive an exclusive 5% discount
  • You get our satisfaction guarantee

Our Guarantee: “We guarantee you will find a coworking space that fits your business quickly and easily, at no cost to you.”

Why Partner with Upsuite?

  1. Largest Coworking Space Selection
  2. No cost Coworking Advisor
  3. Exclusive 5% discounts
  4. Satisfaction Guarantee

Had a really great experience working with Upsuite! Very professional, fast service – Upsuite helped me find the perfect space within days.

Upsuite was quite easy to use as Upsuite dominated the generic Google search for shared office space in Boulder. A quick single recommendation of 3 spaces was all we really needed.

Thanks for all your help - Upsuite provided very excellent service.

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