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How Does Hot Desking Work? - Upsuite

Looking to find more about hot desking? Here’s all you need to know about the workplace strategy of hot desking and what it means for you.

Why Consider Hot Desking?

Maybe you’re just starting out as a solopreneur or maybe your space needs change from day to day or week to week. If so, hot desking may be an option that provides the workspace you need with the flexibility your business requires.

– What is hot desking?

Many coworking and flexible office spaces provide hot desking. This involves multiple members using the same desk or workspace at different times so that they are not paying for desk space that isn’t being used on a regular basis.

– How hot desking works

If you are using a hot desk or booking a number of hot desks for your team members, they will come in and choose a desk whenever necessary for focused work. Your office space may require you to reserve time on a hot desk or may simply provide desk space on a first-come, first-served basis.

– Hot desking benefits explained

Rather than paying for a private office or a roomful of cubicles that are rarely used, hot desks allow you to provide as-needed workspaces without the expense of dedicated space. A single employee may choose to use a hot desk for quiet, focused work as needed. Alternatively, a couple of team members may use hot desks to break out and work through a challenging problem away from the rest of the collaborative group.

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– Hot desking vs. office hoteling

Office hoteling is another term for reservation-based unassigned seating while hot desking properly refers to non-reserved unassigned seating. Office hoteling may be a great option if your team thrives on a more predictable and reliable schedule of space availability.

– How much does hot desking cost

In most flexible office environments, hot desking is the most affordable option. Costs depend on how often you use the hot desk and the prices that prevail in your market and in the individual flexible office space.

– How do I find a hot desk?

We know all of the best flexible office operators who make hot desks available for teams like yours. Contact us and let us connect you with a hot desk provider in your target market.

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