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A dynamic business environment requires organizations to be flexible and agile, able to adapt to continually changing tides within the marketplace. Coworking space is especially effective at providing much of that needed flexibility, giving an enterprise the ability to grow and contract without the burden of a long-term lease hanging over its head.

The most significant issue for many organizations isn’t so much embracing flex space as a powerful solution, but how to go about choosing the best space for their specific needs and goals.


We address this concern in our guide, How to Choose Coworking Office Space: Find the Right Location & Terms For Your Budget, providing decision-makers with a detailed strategy on finding the ideal coworking space for their enterprise.


Choose the Best Path For Your Organization

Rather than a narrow and limited perspective, our guide discusses the benefits and drawbacks of different search strategies, including:

  • A self-guided search using numerous online tools
  • Using a commercial real estate broker
  • Working with a specialized coworking advisor

As you’ll see after reading our guide, we provide you with an unbiased look at the different ways to conduct your search for coworking space, helping you make an informed decision that suits your team and goals best.

Every Stage of the Search Process

Building on the three primary ways to search for the right coworking space, we then describe the different steps we recommend you take during your search.

From identifying your needs to touring a space and negotiating an agreement, we walk you through every factor and variable to help ensure you find the right space and at a price point that fits your budget.

Likewise, since you also have a business to run during your search, our guide will save you time and effort throughout the process, highlighting important factors to concentrate on, including:

  • Must-haves like strong WiFi & meeting rooms
  • Size of space, number of seats
  • Agreement/term factors that impact your budget
  • Types of spaces, dedicated desks, open spaces, & private offices
  • Design and its impact on your team
  • Amenities & perks like conference rooms and refreshments
  • Security & infrastructure
  • Location, employee commutes

After reading How to Choose Coworking Office Space: Find the Right Location & Terms For Your Budget, you will have a better understanding of what to look for during your search for flex space.

Given the importance your office space and work environment have on your productivity, recruiting, talent retention, and culture, it’s our hope that our guide will help propel your entire organization forward.

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