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Upsuite FAQ for commercial real estate brokers

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial real estate brokers save time and make more money when they register with Upsuite. Our coworking experts can help find your clients the perfect fit coworking office space.

Upsuite makes a split, paid on a successful transaction. For listings data, Upsuite is paid a standard split of 15%.  Brokers are required to register the client before using the data. Upsuite will not contact the client directly. For deal closing services, brokers refer the client to Upsuite, and Upsuite closes the deal and writes a check for half the fee to the broker.

Upsuite offers listings data for coworking delivered on a per client basis and deal closing services.

No. For larger transactions, or different services, Upsuite is happy to offer negotiated fee splits.

Most CRE brokers/advisors only take the time to contact 1-3 operators, representing 20-30 percent of the market. But if your client opts for another space on their own, you will not get paid at all.  Working with Upsuite, we have agreements with 90% of all inventory in most markets. This effectively triples your reach, triples your close rate, and greatly increases your chance of a fee.

Working with us helps you make more money from coworking in less time.

Upsuite typically pays the firm, who then pays you.

To date, Upsuite has worked with 5 of the world’s 6 largest brokerages.

Upsuite serves the entire coworking marketplace in your market, from center city to suburbs and beyond.

Yes. Upsuite tags every deal to you, and your Coworking Advisor can give you status on any deal at any time.

Upsuite commits that any client you refer to us for deal closing services will be referred back when they consider traditional leasing.

Register with Upsuite

Commercial real estate brokers that register with Upsuite save time and make more money.

Still have questions? Connect with an Upsuite coworking advisor to learn more.

I’ve already closed deals, and Upsuite has referred me a client of my own. Upsuite is really a partner to brokers.