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Save 5%! Book your coworking office space through Upsuite

Coworking office space discount, how it works

Earn 5% cash back on your next coworking office space — potentially saving you thousands — when you use Upsuite’s coworking membership to connect you to your next coworking office space, and sign a qualifying agreement.

Simply schedule a facility tour, a free trial day, or connect with an Upsuite coworking advisor so they can facilitate an introduction to the coworking office spaces in which you are interested.

When you select and sign a coworking membership agreement with the coworking space of your choice and Upsuite will reimburse 5% of your monthly coworking membership fee, each month, for up to 12 months.

Coworking membership savings

Your monthly cash back amount is equivalent to your monthly coworking membership fee multiplied by 5%.

For the first year of your coworking membership, Upsuite will send your cash back amount each month (maximum 12 months). So, the longer you stay, the more you save.

Coworking office space discount, eligibility

Qualify for 5% cash back by meeting each of the following:

  1. Upsuite facilitates the introduction between your organization and the coworking operator via:
    • Scheduled tour
    • Free trial day
    • Direct introduction made through an Upsuite coworking advisor
  2. In addition, the operator is an Upsuite verified coworking office space location
  3. Coworking membership agreement is signed with an Upsuite verified location
  4. Lease is for a team of 4 or more people, for 6 or more months, or more than $12,000 total agreement value.
  5. Operator must be current on payments and still be a verified coworking office space operator with Upsuite.
  6. Broker referred agreements are not eligible for the discount.

More information on the 5% discount for coworking office space

Upsuite verified location – Upsuite verified coworking office space locations are indicated by a “verified” icon on As a result, verification indicates Upsuite has visited these locations and verified the work environment, amenities, suitability for specific teams, and more.

Coworking membership fee – Most coworking office space operators allow use of their facilities via memberships, as opposed to a traditional real estate lease. So, the fee organizations pay to use the facility is referred to as a coworking membership fee.

Cash back amount – The amount Upsuite will rebate eligible each month, for up to 12 months. The amount is equivalent to monthly coworking membership fee multiplied by 5%. For instance, a $1000 per month coworking membership fee will earn you $50 back from Upsuite.

Upsuite eBook

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Upsuite Coworking eBook

Meet an Upsuite coworking advisor

Send curated options that are a perfect fit
Coordinate tours
Negotiate the best deal
Negotiate your renewal, next space

Our Guarantee: “We guarantee you will find a coworking space that fits your business quickly and easily, at no cost to you.”

Had a really great experience working with Upsuite! Very professional, fast service – Upsuite helped me find the perfect space within days.

Thanks so much! Straightforward and a pleasure to work with.

Thanks for all you did in helping Techstars secure a facility in Denver. The process was seamless.