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Introduction and Acceptance of Terms

Upsuite Corp. (“Upsuite”) provides services to connect Upsuite members (“Members”) with operators and their co-working spaces (the “Services”). You desire to register your co-working space (your “Facility”) on Upsuite’s website located at (the “Website”) to be provided with the Services pursuant to these terms of service for operators (these “Terms”). By accessing and using the Website and registering for an operator account, you accept these Terms and the Privacy Policy, which shall apply to the Services Upsuite provides you and are subject to change without notice. For the purposes hereof, the terms “Upsuite”, “we,” “us,” and “our” mean Upsuite Corp., a company registered in the State of Delaware, United States, with a registered address at 1860 Blake Street, Suite B-101, Denver CO 80202, the terms “you” and “your” refers to an operator to whom Upsuite provides services and “party,” and “parties” refer to Upsuite and you, respectively individually and collectively.


To use the Website and the Services, you must register and create an operator account. When you complete our registration form, you will be requested to provide your contact information and information about your Facility, and to complete all other information as may be required by the registration form. Such information may include your name (and/or the name of your company, address, phone number as well as register a valid credit card). Your account information must be accurate, complete and up-to-date at all times. Otherwise, your access to your account may be suspended or terminated automatically and without notice.  Should you go two months without updating suite availability information, your account may be suspended.

By registering for an operator account, you appoint Upsuite as a connecting agent for Members with authority to identify, inform, process and connect Members for you in connection with your Facility.

Registering your Facility with Upsuite is entirely free and there are no joining or annual membership fees. As part of the Services, Upsuite may offer paid services to you and other operators outside of its free listing service. Upsuite reserves the right to promote operator facilities on third-party advertising platforms, using facility information consistent with the content on Upsuite’s official website advertisement.

Your use of the Website and Operator Account

The Website, your operator account and Services are made available to you and provided exclusively for your personal use. You cannot use the Website in a manner that competes with Upsuite’s activities.

New Member Introductions

A successful introduction is made when Upsuite passes the contact information of a Member on to you for the Facility. This introduction is made by way of an email from Upsuite to you and the Member.  When an Upsuite email introduction is not received by you or your Facility due to factors outside our reasonable control, such as spam or junk mail filtering, a successful introduction will be deemed to have been made, and you will owe Upsuite all fees outstanding for such introduction.

New Member Rejection

Upsuite and the Members will assume that you and your Facility acknowledge and accept a new Upsuite member upon receipt of Upsuite’s email introduction, unless you respond by email to the Upsuite email introduction within 48 hours, stating that you reject the Member introduction.

New Member Confirmation

Within a reasonable time frame of your receipt of Upsuite’s email introduction, you must enter into a written agreement with the Member. It is your responsibility to provide Upsuite by email at and provide the signed member agreement.  Once verified, Upsuite will send you a confirmation e-mail detailing all the terms and conditions applicable to the Services as well as the applicable Referral Fees.

Referral Fees

When you have provided Upsuite with the information as set forth in the “New Member Confirmation” section above, the referral fees (the “Referral Fees”) owed by you to Upsuite for Upsuite’s introduction to you of the new Member, plus all applicable taxes, become payable. Upsuite’s Referral Fees are a portion of the total monthly rent paid by the Member to you for the first 12 months of the Member’s use of your Facility or services.  Here is a schedule of fees based on contract length, and facility occupancy at the time of lease signing:

Month to Month term 10% billed monthly starting with new member confirmation
6 Month term 10% of 6 month lease billed upon new member confirmation
12 month or greater term 10% of 12 month lease billed upon new member confirmation


Upsuite may require operator to provide full rent roll to determine pricing.  reserves the right to audit occupancy levels to determine appropriate pricing.

If a Member signs up for a period of greater than 12 months, Upsuite is only entitled to agreement revenue up to 12 months.  If a member signs an initial lease and then adds additional members or seats, Upsuite fees apply to the additional seats as well.

If a Member signs up for an initial period of more than 12 months, but which include a rent free period within the first year, Upsuite is entitled to Referral Fees calculated in accordance with the following structure: total monthly rent, multiplied by the total number of non-rent free months, divided by the number of months in the initial period, multiplied by 12, multiplied by the appropriate fee (in schedule above).

Updated: March 2019