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Upsuite Corp (“US”) is a company registered in Delaware, United States, and with registered address of 1900 Dartmouth Avenue, Boulder, CO 80305


Registering with US is entirely free and there are no joining or annual membership fees. Registration is required to use any Upsuite services. US may offer paid services to brokers outside of its free registration service, with additional authorization. US reserves the right to promote registered brokers on third-party advertising platforms. broker information used on said third-party advertising platforms shall be correct and consistent with content on US official website advertisement.

Products US offers to registered brokers

US offers three products to registered brokers.

  1. Lead generation services for, tenant rep brokers;
  2. Secure brokerage access to the Upsuite platform, with rights to export reports on coworking availability for brokerage clients.
  3. Execution Services on sales leads provided by brokerage professionals to US.

Fees structure

When US refers a lead to a registered broker (Product 1), and broker accepts the lead, broker commits to pay US a fee of 20% of fees generated upon a closed transaction. When broker utilizes data from the US platform (which requires registering that client with Upsuite, Broker agrees to pay Upsuite a 15% of fee generated upon a successful transaction (Product 2). When a broker refers US a client to introduce to coworking spaces, US agrees to pay broker 50% fees generated from that transaction. US reserves the right to adjust these fees with broker approval at any time and on any transaction.

New member (customer) introductions

A successful introduction is made when a registered broker passes US the details of a member/client, or vice versa. This introduction is made by way of a form fillout OR email introduction.

New member rejection

It is assumed that the both parties acknowledges and accepts a new US member on receipt of our email introduction, unless either party rejects the introduction within 48 hours, stating that a member introduction has been rejected. The time, date and source of referral shall also be specified in the email response. If a rejection email is not received within 48 hours, then all fees outstanding shall remain payable to the referring party.

New member confirmation

When a new member signs a lease, It is the responsibility of both parties to provide the with member details, including date of commencement, company name and monthly inclusive license fee, within 72 hours of receiving signed documentation from the member. This must be verifiable by email.

Privacy policy

It is understood that any member introduced to or from US is strictly for broker’s use only. The broker can only use member information in relation to offering services. member information cannot be passed on to a third party, without the prior written agreement of US. The relationships between all parties shall be agreed upon by US before member details are passed on. If a member is referred to a third party without US’s knowledge, all fees outstanding shall be the responsibility of the broker to which the member was initially referred.


Settlement of invoices is to be made in one single payment, via credit card or ACH account on file, for the full fees. All invoices are to be paid within 14 days. In certain circumstances, US may agree to different billing cycles in the event that a member does not sign for an initial 12 month period.


US reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time. If you have any questions about this Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us.

Contact Details

US Corp’s principal place of business is:

1900 Dartmouth Avenue
Boulder, CO 80305

You can also email or telephone on 720.427.6079