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Congratulations!  You are an Upsuite Registered Broker.    

Helping brokers make more money in the Coworking world

Registered brokers work with Upsuite in two ways:

  • Get listings data:  Access up to date listings data in minutes to serve your clients faster.  Use the compare feature on our site, and from the compare page export details to excel.  Get data now.  
  • Work with a real partner:  Upsuite Coworking Advisors can help you close small or complex coworking deals.  Receive a check, and get that client back when they need a traditional lease. Register your first client now.  

Have questions? Contact an Upsuite Coworking Advisor in your Market today.

Ben Wright Upsuite Founder and CEO

Ben Wright
t. 800.207.7269
c. 720.427.6079

How does Upsuite get paid?

Upsuite makes a split, paid on a successful transaction.

  • For listings data, Upsuite is paid a standard split of 15%.  Brokers are required to register the client before using the data. Upsuite will not contact the client directly.
  • For deal closing services, brokers refer the client to Upsuite, and Upsuite closes the deal and writes a check for half the fee to the broker.

Would your firm like to receive enterprise leads?

Would your firm be interested in an Enterprise relationship with Upsuite?  In addition to the services above, Upsuite helps deliver leads to firms with Corporate Solutions clients who are using our site.   Contact Ben Wright for more information on the Upsuite Enterprise program.

Ben Wright

Founder and CEO
t. (720) 427-6079

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